Raines Media is doing its part to make sure we are COVID-19 Safe! We are redeveloping our services to provide you with safe media services for your Meetings, Weddings, and Events. Raines Media has always be a multi service company offering Video, Lighting, Sound, DJ/KJ and Photo services. We are now able to mix and match our services to provide safe options for smaller live events to remote or in person streamed events to any platform.


When you need more than your own computer or Zoom to speak to your company, partners, or students. We can provide sound, lighting, video and more to present professionally. Record your meetings, teaching, or training with a smaller group to edit later, and then stream live to others as needed.


Even with COVID-19 cancellations, you can keep your wedding date! The best part about having a wedding is making sure all of the people you love can take part in the wedding, and celebrate with you. We have developed services and options so you can still have your wedding day!

Parties & Events

The world is waiting to connect with each other again, but until then, we can provide options to make sure you and your guests can connect and be entertained. Our Party and Event service have options for online and in person events. Private parties and events, Karaoke, and more.