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Our online media school will train individuals the basics of media (Audio, Video, Lighting) production up to advance Production techniques. Our training will be geared towards churches and small organizations, but will be applicable to any arena or situation.

In today’s society, media is all around us and with the overgrowing demand for churches and businesses, with ever changing staff and volunteers; There has to be a way to train our people how to keep up with the demands of media and production. Churches may have different people available to run audio and video services every week to every 3 or 4 months.  A Church or business may rely on one person to run everything. Are you sure they know what they are doing? This training series will enable your media staff and teams to stay trained up, grow in understanding, skill, and to be ready for the needs of your organization.

Raines Media will provide training in the fields of : video production, audio production, PA systems, lighting, media team building, computer systems and design, IT networking, equipment purchasing and much more! (suggestions are welcome!)


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