Photo Wall Service

Our Newest service for weddings and events! Let your guests be a part of the entertainment with a Photo Wall package from Raines Media! Photo Wall is a great way to keep your guests entertained and share memories from the event or wedding day or past experience. Your technician will be able to approve or deny photos before they go on the wall! The photo wall is perfect for any event! Have your menu, vendors, and sponsors send in their ads, business cards, or ads to be shown on screens in rotation. Photos can be removed from rotation as needed.

At the end of the event you and/or your guests will be able to receive a copy of all the approved photos (Denied photos are instantly deleted from the system and will not be included in post-event albums)

The provided number can be used with our DJ/KJ services to request music and karaoke songs. We can message guests back to let them know their song is coming up next! (So you don’t miss it while you are at the bar!) If using our photo booth services, guests can send their favorite photos to the wall for all to enjoy!

Photo Wall Presentation Services

Want to have more on the screens? We can provide playback of slide shows, logos, single photos, videos, presentations, countdowns, IMAG (camera feed), title slides, Zoom meetings, and much more. Adding a second screen will allow guests to be able to see photos and videos no matter where they sit.

Looking for more? Projectors, confidence monitors, or video streaming? Use the form below to write out a detailed description for a quote suited for your event!

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Basic Photo Wall Service
Event Candid Photo Sharing
The Basic Photo Wall service is great for any size wedding or event to help connect a crowd and have them all be a part of the event.
68" 4K screen
Unlimited Guests Photos
Service Tech
Post event album
Transportation TBD
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Photo Wall and Presentations
Event presentation Screens
This Service transform your standard event into a multi-media experience offering dual screens and lots of crowd interaction, information, and presentations. Ask about Bingo, and Jackbox games. This package is great for weddings, parties, company events, training and more
Everything in Basic Photo Service
Presentation software for Video and slide show playback
Presentation software: Video playback, photos, slides, and logos
Audio connections to sound system
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Full Photo Wall and Presentation Service
Live event projection video service
This package will give you an interactive event with options to record and stream your event, or meetings, Great for formal company parties, auctions, conventions, and fundraisers.
Everything in Basic and Presentation Service
Video Switcher
IMAG: HD Camera (optional)
Confidence Monitor (optional)
2nd 68" 4K Screen
Connect to House Projectors (optional)
Record / Stream event (optional)
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