Raines Media offers various video services broken down into 4 categories:  Project Video, Field Production, Studio Production, and Wedding Video. Each area of service will provide full production equipment, editing, designed for any project at any budget.

Project Video

Project videos are designed for basic video projects, single camera production, basic setup and ending with a 2 to 15 min final video project. Great for promotion videos, Vlog intros, basic music videos, video cards, commercials and more. Projects do not have to be edited by us.


Field Production

Field production provides covers larger productions with 2-5 cameras, lighting, sound and more. These projects including shooting and editing. These productions will most likely include a crew unless a single operator is all that is needed. This service is great for Live Events, Commercials, Talk shows, Larger Music Videos, TV Shows, Documentaries and more.


Studio Production

Studio Production is a live video service. This service provides video switching and live recording to capture your event, TV show, meeting, or more. These productions can include lighting and sound systems where needed. This service can provide multi-camera video for live broadcasted events, conferences and more.






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